Rehabilitation Engineering

In Rehabilitation Engineering, we perform care, testing, individual production, adaptation, application and learning of patients with technical aids and technological solutions in order to improve their functioning and inclusion in the social environment.

In the wheelchair testing room, we have at our disposal most of the more demanding wheelchairs that are on the ZZZS contract list. Users who come for testing can try them out and obtain the information they need. We prescribe and test more demanding wheelchairs in teams.

At the Outpatient Clinic for Drivers with Special Needs, we perform medical examinations of driver candidates, control examinations of drivers and examinations for the renewal of medical certificates for drivers. All the above-mentioned inspections are performed by authorisation only for drivers who need to adjust their personal vehicle.

At the Vehicle Conversion Clinic, which operates within the framework of the Equal Opportunities for People with Disabilities Act, we are preparing vehicle adaptation plans to ensure reliable and safe driving for people with disabilities. After making adjustments to the vehicles, we confirm their suitability before obtaining the type-approval certificates.

At the Department of Seat Technology, we individually manufacture, rearrange and adapt wheelchair seating units for people with the most severe physical deformities. 

In the IRIS Home (demonstration smart apartment), we provide viewing and testing of various devices and technological solutions that help patients to live independently and safely in their home environment.

The IRIS Home is also equipped with state-of-the-art communication technology adapted to different types and levels of impairments. We assess and perform the necessary individual adjustments of external computer units for people with the most severe disabilities; this way we train them for modern forms of communication, education, work and distance care using electronic media. We also provide advice regarding appropriate rearrangements of apartments and the use of the necessary equipment - modern technology in the patient's home environment.