Vocational Rehabilitation

At the Centre for Vocational Rehabilitation, we run vocational and employment rehabilitation programs which are an integral part of comprehensive rehabilitation programs. The programs are based on modern rehabilitation doctrine and take into account the requirements of teamwork, the active role of users and connection with all stakeholders in the environment.

After the professional team of the Centre for Vocational Rehabilitation receive a referral for treatment, we will send you an invitation stating which documents to bring to the first treatment session. 

In the introductory interview, we will acquaint you with the goals, the course, the purpose of the treatment, and we will also obtain your basic data and information that is important for the smooth running of the treatment. 

In the professional team, you will meet a doctor specialising in occupational medicine, transport and sports, a psychologist, a social worker, a technologist and an occupational therapist. 

The purpose of the treatment is to gain an in-depth assessment of functional ability, work endurance and efficiency. You will also gain insight into your learning abilities and overall functioning. If we find that your position or work environment need to be adapted accordingly, we will prepare an appropriate adaptation plan. 

At the end of the discussion, we will inform you of the findings, opinions and suggestions. We will send a report on the treatment by the rehabilitation team in response to your referral.