Prosthetics and Orthotics

At the Centre for Prosthetics and Orthotics, graduate engineers in orthotics and prosthetics make prostheses or orthoses for the upper or lower limbs, orthoses for the spine or epitheses for the face. All our products belong to the group of medical devices that are designed for individual users.

The fabrication of the device is done in several stages. Your doctor will first prescribe the type and / or function of the device. Then the orthotics and prosthetics engineer prepares a fabrication plan and takes the measurements. One, two or several trials follow if necessary. In this way, we coordinate the technical options and your needs, preferences and capabilities. Finally, we check the suitability of the device with the entire rehabilitation team that participated in the process of your rehabilitation.

We want to use our work to get as close as possible to your expectations, which is why we use different types of established technologies and materials. We also search and test new ones and introduce them into the manufacturing processes if they prove to be better and more advanced. We are also developing new technologies ourselves.